WavePro® WP030 Dielectric Panel, 3.03 Dk, 24 X 18 X 0.059 inches, 610 X 457 X 1.5 mm (L X W x H)

SKU: WP030-0151824

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WavePro® WP030 at a Glance:

  • Dk = 3
  • Df = 0.0009

The WavePro® family of dielectrics is engineered for use in demanding, high-performance RF and mmWave applications. Its precise formulation delivers a low loss factor, superior mechanical and thermal stability, and unparalleled consistency, making it suitable for a broad range of commercial and military applications where performance and reliability are essential.

Features and Benefits

  • Unclad dielectric panel.
  • Low-loss factor.
  • Also available in made to order Dk, size, and thickness.

Style Number: Style WP030
Composition: Ceramic-filled PTFE
Length (inch): 24.000
Length (mm): 609.60
Width (inch): 18.000
Width (mm): 457.20
Thickness (inch): 0.0590
Thickness (mm): 1.50
Dielectric Constant (Dk): 3.03
Clad or Unclad: Unclad
Coeficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE): X: 42 ppm/°C; Y: 36 ppm/°C; Z: 40 ppm/°C
Density (g/cm3): 2.17 g/cm³
Dissipation Factor (Df): 0.0009
Flammability: V-0
Moisture Absorption: 0.03%
Tensile Strength: X: 16.0 MPa (1,586 psi); Y: 14.9 MPa (2,166 psi)
Volume Resistivity: 2.66 x 10⁸ MΩ-cm (24 hr/125°C)
Surface Resistivity: TBD
Thermal Coefficient of Dk: -31 ppm/°C