WavePro for Different Antenna Designs

Join David de Haaij of Black Art Technologies as he presents his process for building better antennas using the innovations of WavePro®.

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"This material handles well and is easy to work with. My antenna design uses unclad dielectric material and normally, I'd buy panels and then strip off the copper. With WavePro, I didn't have to do any etching, and the material's surface is unaffected."

Igor Timofeev
Senior Principal Engineer at Matsing

"The made-to-order model is pretty unique in the industry. Also, we're investigating the use of high Dk dielectrics to reduce the size and weight of our antennas, and WavePro is perfect for this."

Creative Antenna Design Engineer

Smaller, Lighter Antennas

Antenna dimensions are fundamentally a function of wavelength. The higher the Dk value, the shorter the wavelength inside the dielectric. For a simple microstrip patch antenna, a 68% reduction in the patch area results from using a Dk of 10.8 compared to a Dk of 3.0. WavePro is available with a Dk up to 15, with the ability to sample a higher Dk if requested. Source: Microwaves & RF

Increased Bandwidth

The thicker the substrate, the larger the bandwidth of a patch antenna. It’s a fairly linear and significant effect and one that can be exploited for optimizing designs. WavePro panels are available in custom thickness up to 375 mil (0.375 inches/0.953 cm).

Source: The Effect of Changing Substrate Material and Thickness on the Performance of Inset Feed Microstrip Patch Antenna

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