5G Wireless Infrastructure

The explosive growth of new frequency band allocations, MIMO antennas, and mmWave technology fuels a new generation of antenna designs. Partner with us to achieve a rapid turnaround that scales when you need it.


Whether it's automotive radar at 77 GHz or a Wi-Fi 6 hotspot in the mini-van, vehicles are more connected than ever. WavePro® can help you deliver the reliability needed to make our roads safer.

Medical Imaging

Quality and dependability are critical when a patient’s diagnosis and treatment plan rely on imaging results. Our stringent quality control and assurance processes ensure repeatable and reliable performance from our products.


The final frontier. A wave of new investments, combined with the harsh and demanding environment of space, is driving a wide range of innovative technologies from LEO to CubeSats. The versatility of WavePro® makes it an excellent choice for application-specific designs.

Military & Defense

Critical communication systems require high-performance, custom designs. Increasing the antenna gain by just a dB or two with our made-to-order dielectric can make all the difference. We are AECA and ITAR registered.

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