WavePro® WP150 Dielectric Panel, 15.00 Dk, 24 X 18 X 0.315 inches, 610 X 8 mm (L X W x H)

SKU: WP150-0801824

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WavePro® is engineered for use in antennas and discrete components such as phase shifters, couplers, etc. for RF and millimeter wave applications. Its precise formulation provides a low loss factor (Df = 0.0010), superior mechanical and thermal stability, and a smooth surface profile. Adhesion of VHB tape is excellent. It exhibits minimal phase shift with frequency and temperature, and its highly consistent characteristics within and across panels improve quality control and result in higher production yields.

This ceramic-filled PTFE dielectric is engineered for reliable, high-performance antenna applications up to 80 GHz.

Features and Benefits

  • Low dielectric loss factor, which is also known as dissipation factor (Df) or loss tangent.
  • Unclad dielectric panel.

Style Number: Style WP150
Composition: Ceramic-filled PTFE
Length (inch): 018.00
Length (mm): 609.600
Width (inch): 000.32
Width (mm): 457.200
Thickness (inch): 0.315
Thickness (mm): 8.00
Dielectric Constant (Dk): 15.00
Clad or Unclad: Unclad
Coeficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE): TBD
Density (g/cm3): 2.1 g/cm³
Dissipation Factor (Df): TBD
Flammability: V-0
Moisture Absorption: 0.04%
Tensile Strength: X: 12.8 MPa; Y: 12.4MPa
Volume Resistivity: TBD
Surface Resistivity: TBD
Thermal Coefficient of Dk: TBD